The $NAFO token helps Ukrainian people and Ukrainian forces in their fight against the invaders. Buy $NAFO to become a fella and contribute to Ukraine's victory and well-being. Stop wasting your money on useless memecoins and make a real impact instead!

$NAFO contract adress:



The $NAFO token has been created to raise money for Ukrainian Armed Forces and civilians affected by the russian aggression. We are a team of Ukrainian patriots who want to free their homeland and make Ukraine peaceful and prosperous again.

Our goal is to maximize trading volumes of the $NAFO token, sending 4% from every transaction to the needs of Ukrainian people. The tax transfer is integrated into our smart contract and can be easily tracked on the blockchain explorer. The project team, nor anyone else, does not take any additional fees from trading $NAFO.

The donations will be sent to the most trusted and efficient funds raising money for Ukraine, such as

Serhiy Prytula Foundation or SaveLife.in.ua.


Create a Wallet

If you are using a desktop, we suggest visiting Metamask.io and downloading their browser extension. For mobile, install any Ethereum wallet that can be connected to Uniswap

Get Some ETH

You will need ETH to pay for transaction fees when buying $NAFO. You can buy some ETH directly in Metamask or just get it transferred to your wallet from an exchange or your fellas.

Go to Uniswap

Open the Uniswap app, connect your wallet, and paste the $NAFO smart contract address. Or simply visit this link for a pre-configured setup with $NAFO as received currency.

Become a fella

Time to join $NAFO! Set the slippage to at least 4-5%, enter how much $NAFO you want to buy, and press Swap. Pay the gas fee and wait for your transaction to be confirmed. Congratulations, you’re a fella now!



Token supply - 199 124 800 000 000

The whole supply is generated at the token launch and is locked into the Uniswap v2 liquidity via Uncx for 2 years.

The tax profits are accumulated on the $NAFO treasury and periodically sent to the official charity addresses. The $NAFO team will provide transaction proofs for every donation.

The $NAFO token also has an anti-whale protection, which limits all transactions (including buying or selling) to 1% of the total supply.


Why trade $NAFO instead of donating to Ukraine?

We completely support everyone who wants to donate to Ukraine directly instead of speculating on the $NAFO price. However, the aim of $NAFO is to add an additional stream of income for the Ukrainian relief, which otherwise would be spent on trading memecoins with zero purpose.

Who is the team behind the $NAFO project?

We are a group of Ukrainian nationals and their fellas with rich experience in cryptocurrencies. After raising money for different Ukrainian foundations, we decided to scale up donations and created $NAFO. We are financially secure and have no interest in gaining personal income from the $NAFO token.

Is there a roadmap for $NAFO?

$NAFO is not a startup and therefore does not require a formal roadmap. The $NAFO token is a fully functional product that needs no further development after launch. Nevertheless, the project team will put a lot of effort in promoting $NAFO to raise as much money for Ukraine as possible.

How do donations work?

For every buy transaction, 4% of the $NAFO tokens are burned and the amount is recorded in the $NAFO smart contract (function _newDonate). The $NAFO contract owner later generates the same (or smaller) amount of tokens by calling the sendDonate function. The proceeds from the tokens are then realized and donated to a charity of choice.




The $NAFO token has no affiliation with the NAFO meme or its creator, Kamil Dyszewski. The project does not constitute financial advice. The $NAFO team takes no responsibility for the token price action or security breaches that may occur during the use of the $NAFO token. Please be reminded that cryptocurrency trading is a high-risk activity and invest only the amount of money you are prepared to lose.